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Our Guarantee

We back our work up with a written 3 year guarantee. We also guarantee our prices. You can be sure that we do the most thorough quote possible so you know exactly what to expect.

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  • I have just had a difficult outdoor painting job completed by Bignold Property Services.I am quite exacting and can say that I am very pleased with the job from start to finish. It was handled professionally from beginning to end. I would come home from work and there was no sign that anyone had been there except for the work that had been done. There were no drips or spills anywhere, the work was done very precisely. I couldn't be more pleased with the work that was done. I strongly recommend this organization to anyone with painting needs.

    Jennifer F. - Rating: 5

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Nicely finished decks and fences will complete the look of your backyard. Because decks and fences are out in the elements, we recommend preparation, process and products that will extend the life of your finish.

Preparation & Process

  • Patio furniture and fixtures must be removed from the area to protect them.
  • We will dropsheet below our working areas to prevent chips and drips from spilling and to keep clean-up quick.
  • We must scrape, sand and/or wirebrush any areas that are peeling, flaking or bubbling to ensure that subsequent coatings will adhere.
  • If we are painting the surfaces or using a standard solid stain, we recommend a coat of primer on fences to extend its life. We cannot prime decks or walked-on-surfaces.
  • If we can spray your deck and fence we will do so to provide the smoothest finish. If not, we will roll and brush and that will look great too.
  • We absolutely recommend 2 coats minimum, even more can be provided at a lesser cost to further extend the life of your wood surfaces.

Recommended Products

  • For an unique, high-end, durable finish why not try Sikkens semi-transparent stains? It gives a beautiful glossy rich wood grain look, lasts longer than standard stains and comes in a number of different tones for a look that matches your taste.
  • Walked-on surfaces require an oil-based deck stain because priming is not possible.
  • Fences and railings can take a latex paint or stain, 100% acrylic is the recommended water-based option.


  • Unfortunately neither decks (and other walked-on surfaces), nor fences are guaranteed because of the speed of their weathering.
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