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With our guaranteed work and quotes, you can rest easy. Our workmanship is backed up by a 3 year written guarantee that comes standard with all signed agreements and items unless otherwise noted. Our quotes are also guaranteed. What that means is that we guarantee that the price will not increase after we sign an agreement. Low-balling quotes (in order to win jobs), then tacking on phantom fees and expenses later on is an unfair practice and something we do not do, even if it means we win fewer bids.

The finer print.

Hidden conditions: If, after beginning work, defects or unforeseen conditions arise which could not reasonably have been recognized by the owner upon first inspection, and the client desires the necessary work to be done, the client agrees to pay any additional charges.

Previous coat breakdown: The Bignold Property Services warranty covers the integrity of the paint that was applied by Bignold Property Services only. Should a previous coat break down, Bignold Property Services will not be responsible. A few examples of when this can happen are:

  • There are too many layers of paint on the area (too much weight)
  • Improper preparation by previous painter (dirt, moisture, lack of primer, wrong product usage)
  • Older paint that has lots its elasticity (ability to hold together and stick to the surface)
  • Bignold Property Services coat is sticking to previous coats, previous coat(s) has broken down.

Mutual Expectations

The start date can be arranged well before hand however weather plays a big role in producing a painting project and for that reason we may ask to start a bit early or may have to push the date back.

Crew chiefs manage job sites when I am not there. Any minor concerns should be brought up with him/her. Crew chiefs cannon agree to taking on extra work. I will be on site regularly checking on things and making sure you are happy. We will keep you informed on our progress regularly.

The surface finish of the project must be discussed at the time of the estimate. The industry standard for performing preparation work is a scraping loose and flaking paint then feather sanding the edges so the ridges are not as noticeable (ridges will be more noticeable the more layers of paint are on the building). After sanding, any dust is wiped away and a coat of primer is applied to the bare surface, or self-priming stain or other coating. This process works towards sealing the surface so that we may guarantee the work for three years. Should more extensive preparation be desired (re-finish) this must be discussed at the time of the estimate. This option can only be done on a time and materials basis. Hours will be calculated daily on a per-man-hour basis to make sure you are aware of where you stand.

Changing colour will almost always take two coats or more. There is no such thing as “putting it on thick”. Putting it on thick will cause problems with the final appearance of the surface. If you decide on a colour change between the time of the estimate and the work being done, the cost of a plying a second *(or more) coat(s) will have to be calculated into the price of the job before work begins. If you choose a colour match or non-standard colour I will do a test patch and get your “ok” on the colour. If we then go ahead and paint a section for the house or even the whole house and you decide that you do not like the colour after all, I will have to charge you to re-do the work with another colour you choose. You will be charged for labour, paint and my mark-up. This could take two or more coats depending on the extent of the change. Please keep in mind that if at the time of the estimate you have indicated that you would like the colour to stay the same or that a light colour be applied, I have quoted based on the rough colours you indicated that you would like. Should you change your mind on the colour (to a dark colour that does not cover well, for example) or decide to have several different colours instead of just one or two, this will add to the estimate cost. I will calculate this cost and we will both sign off on the additions. We will not start work until this is signed off on.

Painters can actually do a lot of work in damp weather. They can paint underneath areas that are not being hit by the rain and they can do preparation such as washing, scraping and sanding. Please keep in mind that we will not do anything to affect the final finish or durability of your paint job (we guarantee it for three years) but we do need to keep things rolling as we have a short four month exterior painting season.

When painting doors, we will need them unlocked. Doors are usually painted first thing in the morning to allow for maximum dry time. Latex should be left to dry for four to five hours before a door gets closed and oil eight to ten hours to avoid damage to the finish.

Upon satisfactory job completion (client walk around with any touch ups completed), I would appreciate it if, as per the signed agreement, a cheque for the balance of the job could be issued the day the job finishes. Keeping this business operating effectively, keeping painters and suppliers paid, requires me to collect payments in a timely manner.

Please recommend us to neighbours, colleagues, friends and family.

Guarantee Registration

Please keep all paperwork, invoices, quotes and this form. We will not perform guarantee work unless this form is presented.
What is guaranteed: Bignold Painting Services guarantees all painting workmanship and materials for 3 years from the date on your quote.

What is not guaranteed:

  • A previous coat of paint breaks down underneath our coat (see above)
  • Moisture content of surface exceeds 14%
  • Roof leaks, structural damage, bursting pipes, construction failures (i.e. gaps in joints) that cause our paint to fail.
  • Mold or mildew growth. (this is a maintenance issue, not a paint issue)
  • Decks, floors, steps, any walked on surfaces, and fences.
  • Semi-transparent stain work may only be guaranteed beyond 1 year if 2 coats are applied.
  • Work done with paint not approved by us, provided by the client.
  • Bignold Property Services is not paid in full for the work done.
  • Eavestroughs and downspouts.
  • Varnish applied on an exterior surface may only be guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Clients choose colours darker than white for vinyl siding at own risk. Warping and melting can occur.
  • Fading.
  • Exterior railings, and fences.
  • Substances bleeding through the coat we applied.
  • Aluminum roof surfaces.
  • Please be sure work paid in full is complete. Incomplete work is not warranty work and is the sole responsibility of the owner.

Note: If during the preparation of your job, job conditions arise that will make it impossible to guarantee your job, you will be notified. These conditions are usually detected at the time of estimating, but may not become apparent until scraping begins. Although not common, these conditions may include wood that is dozy, poorly constructed wooden windows, or various types of moisture damage. This agreement is valid only during the summer of the year in which it was issued. Guarantee work is limited to repainting before July 15 or we will be unable to perform the work until the following summer.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am to 4:30pm

For project enquiries, please contact your dedicated project manager.


  • We have just had the exterior of our house painted by Bignold Property Services in Calgary and am happy to add my name to their growing list of satisfied customers. Mike impressed me from the beginning with his knowledge and professionalism and I instantly felt that my house was in good hands. Tom and the crew extended that same level of professionalism on site transforming my house from blah to beautiful! I think what really impressed me was that small oversights were dealt with immediately which anyone who has been involved in a renovation can certainly appreciate. Thanks again Bignold!

    Elizabeth D. - Rating: 5

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