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Introducing Bignold Painting: A Leading Calgary Painting Company

As one of the best Calgary painting companies, Bignold Painting provides a team of highly qualified Calgary painters who offer a wide range of quality services that will suit clients’ personal or business needs. With well over ten years experience and decades of combined industry experience under our belt, we know the best way to provide a quality finish to your exterior or interior painting job. Whether you require a fresh coat of paint on the inside of your home, or need help with the rebrand of your business, whatever your painting needs - our Calgary painters are here. We’ve been helping people and businesses in the local area for years, providing an unbeatable service and a high quality paint job on every project we take on.

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Condo and townhouse complex painters.

Providing the Best Calgary Painters for Our Clients

Whatever your painting needs are – commercial or otherwise – Bignold’s Calgary Painting contractors will ensure that you’re more than satisfied with our end result. Here, our Calgary painters offer a wide range of painting services including and not limited to the following;

  • Interior Painting Services
  • Exterior Painting Services
  • Residential Painting
  • Commercial Painting
  • Stucco and Siding Painting; and
  • Outdoor Painting (deck staining)
Better yet, combined with our above services, our Calgary painters are so confident they can provide you with an unbeatable service and a high-level of quality for your next project, that we offer a 3 year guarantee on all our Calgary painters’ work. This provides you with the peace of mind in knowing you’ll be putting your home or business in good hands for your next painting job.

Promising Quality Calgary Painters’ Service Inside & Out

Interior Residential Painting Services
We offer interior residential painting in Calgary all year round. Our Calgary painters can do it all! We take care of all the details for your project, from filling and sanding holes, caulking baseboards, to painting your trim and your walls. We can even move your furniture if your house, or work in an empty house. Our expert Calgary painters work hard to deliver a picture perfect house interior paint job each time. Lines are clean and straight, and painted surfaces are smooth. We can remove wallpaper, spray your ceilings, lacquer wood and trim too. Whether it is new-construction or just updating your look, we can work with you or your contractor, and we also have designers to help you make those tough style choices.

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Exterior Residential Painting Services
If you’re looking for a quality residential house painting company in Calgary, we offer residential exterior painting services which commence in May each year. This time of the year is when the temperature starts to be conducive to allowing paints and stains to fully cure. We are experts in spraying stucco and siding exteriors. Spraying your exterior results in a nice smooth finish that lasts for many years. We get the best possible prices on high-end specialty coatings products like Sharkskin, Sikkens & Rubbol, Flood and Elastomeric, to give you the longevity and the finish you desire. Plus, many of our paint and stain products come with manufacturers product warranty, providing you with extra peace of mind that your paint job will be able to withstand the test of time and seasons. We’re a Calgary painting company that guarantees good customer experience as well as quality service.

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Commercial Painting & Services - Stucco and Repair

We are a year round company whose primary business is in commercial painting and maintenance services. Our in-house services, completed by our experienced team of Calgary painting contractors, include interior and exterior painting of all types, stucco painting and repair, commercial tear-down, carpet installation, vinyl wallpaper application and more. We also manage full renovation projects and ongoing commercial maintenance such as; window washing, and commercial cleaning. For a more in depth understanding of what we can do for you, please contact us by phone at (403) 999-9883.

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New Construction Calgary Painters

For our contractor and general contractor clients, we offer a full range of new-construction painting services. We offer unmatched efficiency and reliability and provide competitive pricing for the caulking, priming, painting, lacquering, staining and stippling of new homes, or new commercial spaces. We work in luxury homes and starter homes, and provide the same great quality each time. Need a professional team to help with your new construction painting project? Rely on our Calgary painting company!

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Our Calgary Painters Make it Easy

With Bignold Painting, It's easy to have your house painted. Our experienced and local Calgary painters have everything we need, and include all paint and materials in your quote. Nothing is left out, so you know your house will get a new look and protected surfaces with no surprises. Don't let maintaining your home steal all your summer weekends, let the experts take care of it.

As one of the leading local Calgary painting companies in Calgary, over the years, we've built and upheld a reputation around our dedication to customer satisfaction and our attention to detail. Our expert painters will give your home the highest quality paint job available at competitive prices, and we guarantee it.

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Our Calgary Painters Take Care of the Details

Just so you don’t have to, our Calgary painters take care of the specifics so you can take in the big picture. We put as much focus into the details of our itemized painting quotes as we do into painting your home. We measure everything, and make sure we didn't miss anything.

It is important to be so detailed when quoting to paint your house so that we can get you the best possible price and so the painting project goes smoothly. Being so detailed with our quotes also allows us to guarantee the paint and service for 3 years.

You should know what you have to pay when you sign the painting agreement, not when you get the invoice. We believe in being transparent and playing fair, that means we give you the cost up front, and keeping it the same to the end. Of course, if you'd like us to do more painting for you later, we would be happy to provide you with another quote!

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Detailed painting quotes allows us to guarantee our prices.

Award-Winning Calgary Painters

We’re thankful that our award-winning service doesn’t go unnoticed. Bignold Painting first launched with one goal in mind: to revolutionize customer-experience with Calgary painters, siding installers and stucco contractors. Since then, we have been rewarded the 2016 Consumer Choice Award in the painting category within Southern Alberta, proving that all our hard work has paid off. From Bignold Painting’s front line Calgary painters, siders and stuccoers, to our supervisors and managers, every one of us are dedicated to delivering on the promise of superior service. Since receiving the 2016 Consumer Choice Award, Bignold Painting has resolved to continue on our path of providing excellent service to our clients. Better service means reliable quality, good value for a good cost, and satisfaction guaranteed.

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When you’re considering hiring locally for a paint job for your home or business, look no further than our Calgary painters. Our guarantee is that we will provide you with workers you can trust, so you’re getting good value for your money. We’re a Calgary painting company that you can be assured is motivated by your satisfaction and providing an excellent experience throughout. Many local painting companies would stop there, but it’s our great customer experience that makes us different. Both our Calgary painters and project managers aim to develop a relationship of trust with our clients from the moment they first meet to the final walk-through.

The Quality-Driven Calgary Painting Company You Can Trust

We guarantee our paint quotes, which means that the price doesn’t shift from beginning to end. You can also trust the quality of our Calgary painters and the paint that they use, since it is guaranteed for three years and backed up by plenty of years of experience. Our paint and stain products are high-quality that often include manufacturer warranties. Moreover, we are a fully insured Calgary painting company, licenced, and have WCB. Based in the local area of beautiful Calgary, we are always looking to add to our list of satisfied painting customers

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Cheques.

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  • We would recommend their services to anyone. 

    Bignold Property Services has been working for us for the past year. The Company's reliability, flexibility, quality and the professionalism of the staff has been wonderful and we would recommend their services to anyone. 
    Yours sincerely
    Sean H. McCullough, Vice President of Leasing, Strategic Group, Calgary - Rating: 5 - - Bignold Painting

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